Inquiries for Children and Senior Care:
We at Chef 911 realize health can be a family goal as well as an individual goal too. Please contact Chef Dion for a
personalized family consultation. At Chef 911, we have many programs to fit every budget and health goal. Let us
know of your interest in cooking classes, cooking parties or our 3-6 months Get Healthy 911 program. Or if you're
confused about what to buy in the grocery store please ask about our shopping service. Ask about our walking club
too! Our business is to coach and support people to a path of their best self. We are not a diet plan, but a lifestyle
adjustment is a plan you can manage and live with. When you complete this form l'd like to thank and congratulate
you on beginning a new exciting journey to your health and wellness goals. We will contact you further to book your
first session after researching your needs for the best the best program selection to fit your wellness goals.
Welcome to Chef 9111

When diet and health are an emergency call Chef 911 !