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I’m Chef Dion Fields.
Thank you for visiting Chef 911!

Chef 911 was created from an idea for really eating and cooking healthy wholesome food for busy professionals, families, kids and seniors alike. My education in Culinary Arts with San Bernardino Valley College combined the study of  Nutrition at Institute of Integrative Nutrition have given me the tools to enable others to optimal health and wellness.

I’ve been a Chef in the food industry for twenty six years and I am a Certified Health Coach as well. With all of this knowledge I’ve obtained as both Private Chef Consultant and Health Coach I came to create this remarkable concept for living a balanced healthy lifestyle.  The idea is to set people up in a six month program for success in reaching their fitness, wellness, and healthy goals.

I want my clients to be happy in their commitment in their new lifestyle change. Therefore I’ve created simple and quick fixes to accommodate the goals you’re trying to accomplish and maintain.  I will provide tips and recipes for guidance to afford you a successful change without drastically impacting your already busy lifestyle.

The program involves individual guidance in fitness, weight loss, eating, disorders, food allergies, meal preparation, identifying food labels, shopping organic and non-organic, and eating Holistic. The Premium 6 program involves cooking classes, field trips, and tips on dinning out, much and more!
My passion:
I’m passionate about food and helping others realize and live up to their potential by using food and lifestyle to build a strong foundation for their own personal growth.

I find this to be the most important to me because I’ve been in the 300 pound club without support or a foundation to stand on. I know many people are hitting invisible ceilings and the right food can fuel creativity. Eating the right food will support mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, contributing to better relationships and careers. Its important to me because I believe it’s a simple way to address the major stress and the combination of the very small changes make the big difference without complicating and flipping someone’s life upside down.

I will manifest this passion by focusing my coaching, cooking and teaching efforts on people who are open to the new approaches I’ve developed to optimum health. Well experiment together to find what works best for you. Knowing one person’s food can be another’s poison.

I will guide you as my client in stress and anxiety management as well because I want to teach people to channel their energy toward productive thoughts.

Together we can focus on solutions and forward- thinking conversations. Welcome to the world of Chef 911…where we believe in let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food!
"Chef Dion helped me learn the foods that were actually making my symptoms worse. It was a very enlightening experience! And the recipes were out of this world! I highly recommend Chef Dion!"

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